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🕵️ Spreading privacy & security to the masses

Techlore was built to prove privacy & security are not just achievable - but simple and accessible. We manage several projects, communities, and content to spread privacy & security to the masses.

Who Are We?

Henry - Runner, coach, artist, musician, book nerd, & privacy advocate. Owner of Techlore.

Tori - Coffee addict, bookworm, writer, productivity nerd, privacy advocate, and perpetually contemplating existence.

Jonah - Technology educator, writer, community expert, gamer (of the tabletop variety), and resident self-hosting shill.

Suzie - Gamer, wannabe tech nerd, anime enthusiast, manga and book lover, partner that Nate Bartram always talks about.

Where Do We Post Content?

  • YouTube YouTube is the platform we started on and will continue to publish to. We are firm believers in targeting the masses who are using non-private platforms like YouTube.
  • PeerTube Similar to Odysee, PeerTube is another method of watching our content in a freedom-respecting way.
  • Odysee Odysee is a federated YouTube alternative for users who don't want to engage with our content through YouTube. Full disclosure: we do not manage or check comments on this platform.

Sponsors & Affilates

We've moved our policy on sponsors and affiliate links to this page.


You'll find some of our assets in this repo. You are not allowed to steal our assets, but if you're covering our work and would like to reference us go for it.

What Else Do We Do?

Great question! We're not just a YouTube channel. We are aiming to expand into other methods to advocate for privacy.

  1. Go Incognito is our free course teaching users everything they need to know from start to finish about privacy and security.
  2. We host our forum to offer a place for people to chat about privacy and learn from other community members. We are aware of varying threat models and are happy to accomodate community memebrs of all levels.
  3. Surveillance Report is a video podcast in collaboration with The New Oil to keep viewers updated on recent events in the privacy & security world.
  4. Plexus is an open source project crowd-sourcing what apps do/don't work without Google Play Services for users looking to switch to a de-googled ROM.
  5. Our VPN Toolkit is designed to educate users on the advantages & disadvantages of VPN providers.
  6. We have many more projects we'd love to work on, but our small team already has enough on its plate. As we expand, we hope to continue to find new ways of advocating for user privacy. Stay tuned!

Channel Fixes

We previously posted video fixes/changes to a log in this repo. These changes are now documented on this thread.