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Identification - Part 1

Control of domains and services

  • I do have control over the following domains, including its websites and DNS settings:

  • I do have a gitea account named

Identification - Part 2

Social accounts

I, Cyberwolf [D1428A944C0FCFBF3E72DE007A70DCA839C64000], hereby claim the following statements:

(The following list is sorted by preference.)

  • I do have an XMPP account named. Please verify before accepting it!

    •, using the following OMEMO fingerprints
      • 1042197029 (Desktop)
        • C3E46840 7BBA102A 8B350B23 F2142EC0 14FE648D DA812DD8 ADE6B2EB 4B9DD732
  • I do have registered nicknames at the following IRC servers:

    • cyberwolf on (

Identification - Part 3

Excluding possible false identities

Any accounts that you witness using the name

  • "Cyberwolf"
  • "cyberwolf"
  • or any minor alteration of the names stated above that are not listed here

should assumed to be as fraudulent accounts operated by an imposter.

This document is signed by GPG and will be published at the following internet locations:

This document is kept up-to-date and was last updated at

Tue, 15 Nov 2022 13:08:50 +05