List of open-source alternatives to everyday SaaS products.

Updated 3 days ago

A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own servers

Updated 21 hours ago

A curated list of amazingly awesome open source sysadmin resources.

Updated 6 days ago

Overview of alternative open source front-ends for popular internet platforms (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, etc.)

Updated 3 months ago

A list of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings that have free tiers of interest to devops and infradev

Updated 3 hours ago

A compiled checklist of 300+ tips for protecting digital security and privacy in 2023

Updated 2 weeks ago

A curated list of privacy & security-focused software and services.

Updated 3 hours ago

Privacy-respecting web frontends for popular services.

Updated 5 months ago

Auto-updated list of alternative frontend instances.

Updated 2 days ago

This is a step-by-step guide to implementing a DevSecOps program for any size organization

Updated 1 month ago

Pointers and tools for learning and day-to-day practice of engineering management & leadership.

Updated 1 week ago

Self-Hosting Guide. Learn all about locally hosting(on premises & private web servers) and managing software applications by yourself or your organization.

Updated 4 days ago

List of tech collectives who host voluntarily tools usable for the general public (or activists)

Updated 2 days ago

Firefox privacy, security and anti-tracking: a comprehensive user.js template for configuration and hardening

Updated 3 days ago

A collection of awesome things regarding the gemini protocol ecosystem.

Updated 1 month ago

Curated list of design and UI resources from stock photos, web templates, CSS frameworks, UI libraries, tools and much more.

Updated 3 days ago

An awesome & curated list of best applications and tools for Windows.

Updated 2 years ago

A curated list of awesome applications, softwares, tools and shiny things for macOS.

Updated 20 hours ago

Collaborative List of Open-Source iOS Apps

Updated 14 hours ago

Updated 12 months ago